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  • Load Balancing Query

    I am developer of websites, and a client is interested in contrarme to develop a fairly big website. The main question is whether load balancing is performed automatically by a parent server that manages and distributes the load , and how this system can affect the development of the site.

    that is , suppose I have a database with all the necessary for the development of the site structure.

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    Re: Load Balancing Query

    Not sure if I understood all your queries however I'll try to explain about Load Balancing setup and how it operates.

    Load balancing is a set of techniques that configure the servers and other hardware in such a way that the workload is distributed equally amongst the servers, thereby reducing the dependency on any single server and making it easy to add resources in such a way that performance is scaled according to the resources added.

    A load balancer checks the utilization of all servers in a cluster. The server with the estimated best performance gets the next user request. A very important consideration here is the quality of the load balancer. In this case, quality means the capability of the system to make a highly qualified forecast about which server will offer the best performance concerning an individual application.

    Please feel free to post if you have any questions pertaining to the above information.

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      Re: Load Balancing Query

      Thanks for the link.

      we probably start with a single server ( 1000mbits unmentered for example), but if this server is insufficient and we need to hire another server and load balancing system, did the mysql cluster system call the appropiate node machine to do the querys(insert when new users, select from tables querys)?