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  • G5 SSL Certificates

    Dear Team,

    Do you provide G5 SSL certificates.

    If yes, what happens to my existing SSL certificates. Do I need to buy a new one or the same SSL can be upgraded?

    Awaiting your reply.


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    Re: G5 SSL Certificates

    Hi Mal

    Thank you for posting.

    G5 SSL is just the name of an SSL certificate that is issued by Verisign. So nothing to do with the certificate type as such, just the root where they are issued from differs.

    For eg, Verisign Class 3 Primary CA G5 OR GlobalSign Extended Validation CA- SHA256 G2 are exactly the same certificate as both are 2048 bit encryption and validated to web trust compliance.

    This article at Symantec shows how the G5 makes no difference and is just a name : Licensing and Use of Root Certificates | Symantec

    Let me know if you do have any further queries. Glad to help

    Suzanne Jones.


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      Re: G5 SSL Certificates

      BangOn! This is the answer I was looking for.. As I was confused in between these two names and types of SSL since last couple of days thanks Suzanne for an proper and layman's explanation..



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        Re: G5 SSL Certificates

        You're more than welcome Frenetick

        Suzanne Jones.