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  • Casino, Gambling, Betting websites hosting

    Dear Team,

    Could you help me regarding the Casino, Gambling, Betting websites hosting. Is it allowed to host such websites with any hosting providers? Does it need any license or any kind of registration to host such websites? Please let me know if any more things are to be considered before going ahead with this.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Casino, Gambling, Betting websites hosting

    Hello Jesse,

    Not sure about other hosting providers but we do allow casino, gambling, betting websites on our servers. A VPS, cloud or dedicated server is highly recommended for such requirements.
    We have no problems with hosting your websites as long as you are granted the necessary permissions by license, permit, registration, or exemption as provided by law. If you don’t have necessary license then you need to ensure that nothing illegal is operated from your account as per UK laws.

    All you need to take care is that you do not create problems for other websites or you should not break copyright infringement rights of anyone else. You will also need to agree and accept our No Spam Policy, Terms of Service and Service Level Agreement.

    Hope this helps, let us know if you have any unanswered questions.


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      Re: Casino, Gambling, Betting websites hosting

      Dear Leon,

      Thank you for all the information given. It all looks good to go ahead. Will consider with my programmers and go ahead with one of the suggested packages.

      It is okay to cancel the package if I do not like it, right?



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        Re: Casino, Gambling, Betting websites hosting

        Thankyou for your response, Jesse.
        Yes, we do offer a 30 day money back on all hosting packages except dedicated servers and addon products.
        So if this doesn't suit your requirements you may cancel this any time within the first 30 days and claim for refund.



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          Re: Casino, Gambling, Betting websites hosting

          Where does one go to find out about the laws on operating a gambling website? I think it could be a profitable endeavor when all of the rules are followed.