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Linux Reseller questions?

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  • Linux Reseller questions?

    Hi folks,

    Long time customer here on a cPanel Advanced plan. I'm interested in moving to a Linux reseller plan and I have a few questions.

    Could someone explain to me how it all works as far as transferring all my current web sites which are addon domains? Is there any down time? How does it all work when it comes to email accounts which are currently up and running? Does moving mean that all the email account settings on local machines i.e. clients of mine who I've set email accounts up for on their computers, phones etc will all need changed to reflect different incoming/outgoing servers, ports etc? Finally, I find the fact that php mail function being disabled on shared hosting is a bit of a pain as I cant use php contact forms on my websites, and I'm hoping that the php mail function is available on Linux reseller hosting?

    Also, does reseller hosting require to be paid in full for the yearly amount or do I pay per month?

    I'll be honest, I've been putting off moving to a reseller account from my current plan for some time now, really down to the uncertainty of it all and how it all gets moved across.

    Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Re: Linux Reseller questions?

    Hello RSVEcosse,

    Below are the answers of your queries :

    1. You can contact our support team and they can transfer all your website from your shared plan to the new one and it will include a downtime after updating the Name Servers of the new server.
    2. You will have also have to update the new servers mailserver in the settings of your email clients.
    3. Its the same on reseller plans as shared when it comes to php mail function it is disabled for security purposes.
    4. You can opt for a convenient billing cycle on reseller plan to monthly or yearly its all your choice.

    Fred Adkins


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      Re: Linux Reseller questions?

      Does reseller plan has any backup security in the place? Or does reseller has to take care of it?


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        Re: Linux Reseller questions?

        We take weekly routine backups of all shared/reseller hosting servers so if you want any database backup restored from the lastest available backup with us, you can seek help of our technical team and get it restored.


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          Re: Linux Reseller questions?

          Does the plan include anti-virus & filters for incoming emails?


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            Re: Linux Reseller questions?


            The reseller package does not come with spam filters or antivirus, you you can opt for it depending on the number of domains you want it for, for details, please click on the below links:-

            Malware scanner


            Spam Filter

            Cyril Clive