Need suggestions for Obtaining an SSL certificate ?

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    Need suggestions for Obtaining an SSL certificate ?

    Recently, I have purchased a high-end dedicated web server, and while playing with it, someone suggested me to opt for an SSL certificate.

    Frankly saying, I am not familiar with the SSL certificates. Can anyone here explain me, how an SSL certificate will aid my server and how should I go to obtain an SSL cert. for my CentOS 5 server ? I have search Google for it, but on every webmaster forum, people gives confusing answers.

    Also, If I opt for an SSL, won't it cover all my accounts on the server and/or can I use it for my other servers as well ?

    SSL basically is an abbreviation of Secure Socket Layer, it cryptographic protocols which offer communications security over the Internet. An SSL certificate is installed on your domain/website. If your website is involved in the exchange of any sort of confidential details such as customer credit cards and similar other details, an SSL protection can be helpful.

    In your post, it seems that you are confused about the server security and thinking to use an SSL for securing your server. This isn't correct, for that purpose, you will have to think about a firewall protection.