Advice on upgrade to reseller or VPS please.

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    Advice on upgrade to reseller or VPS please.


    I'm looking for a bit of advice as I'm currently running three websites on a shared hosting account with eUKhost. Over the next 6 months I've potentially got another half a dozen websites to set up. There are all fairly low volume accounts but my concern is at what point does an upgrade to reseller or VPS hosting start looking more attractive than shared hosting? Is this something I need to start thinking about.

    So is shared hosting suitable for running a dozen websites? i.e. am I getting worried for no reason, or do I really need to start looking at upgrade options?

    I'm not totally clear on the benefits between reseller hosting and VPS. The websites I'm setting up are for people and groups who are not interested in delving into the intricacies of web development, effectively I'm setting up and managing their websites for them. So does this constitute "reselling"?

    I'm a long time user of Unix and Linux systems so have no qualms about using a Linux VPS solution if the reseller option is not suitable.

    It's just looking at the pricing options the reseller option is cheaper and includes plenty of server management support, whereas VPS is slightly more expensive and I'd have to look after more of the server admin jobs. So if the reseller option would work for my situation then what incentive is there for paying more for VPS which appears to have a higher admin effort?

    Any advice or experience would be appreciated.


    Adrian Cherry

    Hi Adrian,

    A Reseller hosting plan is just like a shared hosting plan with more resources and privileges to resell hosting services (or create accounts for customers). Whereas, a VPS is a Virtual Private Server i.e. it has it's own disk space, bandwidth and RAM and acts like a standalone server. If you choose a VPS, you will get root access to it and hence you will be able to install the applications, if needed and this is not possible with reseller hosting plans.

    You will have to decide what exactly you need and then choose the best option.


      I completely agree with Catherine, it would be much better for you if you switch from your shared hosting to a VPS or a Shared Cloud Hosting plan. Both the plans are fully scalable and offers good server uptime. However, if I was in your place I would have chosen the Shared Cloud Hosting plan which offers combined benefits of both the solutions, Shared Hosting in terms of low cost and cloud hosting in terms of Scalability and 100% uptime guarantee. Both are cheap web hosting solutions ideal for multiple websites hosting.