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How does reseller hosting works ?

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  • How does reseller hosting works ?

    I am web developer and marking sites for people, who now had already registered domain names for their websites. I have seen a lot of advertisements about reseller hosting accounts also, my clients have been asking me all the time about hosting their sites along with the development, but due to the lack of knowledge I never took it much seriously. But, now I am realizing the need of hosting service, which I can offer as an addon service at extra charge to my clients.

    I really don't have any idea about how the reseller account works. Could anyone here explain me the complete process of the reseller hosting ?

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    Basically, the reseller web hosting services are based on shared hosting servers where people are able to host multiple websites under one roof or multiple hosting accounts can be created. You are allocated a fixed amount of resources which you can use it to create packages as per your requirements. With the reseller hosting package you are offered with the WHM panel through which you can create various hosting packages and assign to the accounts you create. You are able to manage the hosting accounts from the WHM panel. The reseller hosting package is an ideal solution for web designers and developers as they can sell the hosting package as an addon service to their clients and earn extra income. Becoming a hosting reseller doesn't mean that you need to have all the technical skills.

    Usually, anonymous technical support to the end users is offered absolutely for free, you don't have to be worried about the web hosting issues, you just have to forward the issues to the technical department and they will take care of it. Unlike VPS and dedicated server, you don't have to worry about the server management tasks as they are taken care by the web hosting provider.

    Check out the Powerful Features of Reseller Hosting.


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      You can also get a ENOM Domain reseller control panel with the reseller hosting packages upon request, by the help of which you will be able to sell/register domains for your clients.

      Also, you can opt for a VPS/Semi-Dedicated/Cloud or a Dedicated server on which you can create multiple Reseller accounts for your clients. The Reseller account which you create will have the same features which a normal Reseller account has.


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        Its limited to the reseller hosting plans or Is it possible to resell VPS and Dedicated Server as well ?


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          There are no such restrictions, you can choose either a VPS or a Dedicated Server to resell the hosting services. Our reseller hosting plans are comletely flexible and offers various features. With our reseller plans you get the abiility to use dedicated IP addresses on accounts and install Private SSL. You just need to analyze the number of clients, number of sites, disk space and bandwidth requirements and accordingly choose the best hosting package that suits your requirements.


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            Initially you can start with our reseller hosting plans which may suffice your hosting needs and you can have a better start once you have good number of clients and need more hosting resources then you can upgrade it for a VPS,Cloud or can even think of a Dedicated Server.
            On higher hosting packages you have more freedom & flexibility since you have root/admin RDP access with your server which help in better server management. let us know your requirements accordingly we will help you with package selection.


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              Originally posted by NikkyG View Post
              Its limited to the reseller hosting plans or Is it possible to resell VPS and Dedicated Server as well ?
              A reseller hosting package does not really restrict you from reselling any other packages to your customers. Most newbie entrepreneurs bear a misconception that with a reseller hosting they may only be able to resell the space and resources allocated to them with the package. That isn't a case actually. If your customer needs a VPS, Cloud hosting or even a dedicated hosting server, you can very well go ahead and resell it to them. You may get the appropriate advantages for the same. If you are planning to resell the servers offered by eUKhost, you must take a look at the slabs that they have in place for their resellers :
              1 Server => No discount
              2-5 Servers => 5% Discount
              6-10 Servers => 10% Discount
              11 - 20 Servers => 15% Discount
              21+ Servers => 20% discount
              Note : But I would still suggest you to get it confirmed from their sales team once.


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                Originally posted by NikkyG View Post
                Its limited to the reseller hosting plans or Is it possible to resell VPS and Dedicated Server as well ?
                its limited but if you buy a dedicated server and VPS you can manage your self
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