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    Hi, I've signed up to a platinum shared hosting account, It's been not even 24 hours and it's turning out to be a nightmare: please see below chat from countless amount of chats....Also got a welcome email with the password missing....avoid eukhost like the plague

    Abraham S: Hi Shane

    Shane: Hi Abraham, I was speaking to one of your guys earlier who advised me to change the ip on an A record via my domain provider he gave me a ip to an autism website and its not mine

    Shane: my email address is ********

    Abraham S: Give me a moment please. I am looking into this.

    Shane: thanks

    Shane: he gave me :

    Abraham S: Please let me know the domain name.

    Shane: revaxmedia

    Abraham S: I have checked that the domain "" is already pointing to "".

    Shane: yeah, thats not my website

    Abraham S: You current server IP is where you site is uploaded

    Abraham S: your* site

    Shane: so why is my domain being pointed to a website which is not mine?

    Abraham S: Allow me a moment.

    Shane: I have changed the A records back to how they were the website when you click on that IP takes you to Autism Works Blog

    Abraham S: Please elaborate what you want to achive.

    Shane: I am wanting my website to be displayed through revaxmedia

    Shane: I have changed the IP of my A records to link to the website as per Michaels recomendation once changed it linked to a website which was not mine

    Shane: I had to change the A records becuase the mail servers link elsewhere

    Abraham S: Share, as Michael give you the IP "" this is also our servers IP.

    Shane: please copy and paste the ip address into your browser and see which website you get....not mine, if i link my website to that ip i get that website you will see 'autism works blog'

    Shane: please visit revaxmedia and see what website you get...not mine

    Abraham S: I have get austime works page.

    Abraham S: "" and "" both are our servers IP.

    Shane: yes but how to i link to my page, autism works page is not my website, where is my website?

    Abraham S: Please let me know web page of your web site.

    I'll let you know how this progresses

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    Hello Shane,

    Sorry for inconvenience caused to you. As per our conversation over live chat, issue with the site "" has been resolved and internal links are working fine as well.
    Kindly confirm the same from the bellow screen shots.


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      Hi Shane,

      you have ordered a shared hosting package and your website is hosted on a shared server. You can check your website using a temporary URL which we send in the welcome email, but you cannot use the shared IP to access your website, as many other websites are hosted with the same shared IP address.

      it hardly takes 1 - 2 hours these days for DNS to propagate, so Abraham could see your website working from our server, but you were not able to see that, as your computer/network had a cache of your website, which was coming from the old servers.

      Abraham was finding it difficult to understand your problem and you got frustrated due to that.

      I would suggest you to check your website from Megaproxy® - Secure, fast, anonymous web proxy from next time onwards, if such thing happens. You can also visit to check your A records status and DNS updates.

      I hope you are able to view your website from our servers now, if not then please reboot your computer and check.
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