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This Account Has Been Suspended???

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  • This Account Has Been Suspended???


    It seems like every week i have some kind of problem with eUKhost.

    Today i find out that some of my websites have been suspended. I spoke to support and they told me that they knew nothing about it. Why are my accounts being suspended?

    Please help! This is very important!!!

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    Hi Glen,

    Your issue has been replied to the ticket number "TAL-172-33453" which you have emailed us regarding migration. Only those domains which were not registered with us were facing the issue as you did not updated the nameservers of new server requested in to the email. The domains which were registered with us are working fine as we had updated the nameservers from our end to that of new server. For more details please check the ticket "TAL-172-33453".


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      Hi Glen,

      The domains which were still pointing to the old server have been
      re-migrated to the new server now. Also we have updated the IP A records to new server so
      sites will work from new server. You need to update the mentioned NS so they will resolve from new server after DNS propagation.

      Please check the same ticket for detailed explanation.
      Kieran A.
      Cloud Administrator
      Skype :: Kieran.Alen | eUKhost