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Limit on emails per hour?

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  • Limit on emails per hour?


    Thanks to the help from some fellow forum users I've finally sorted out being able to "mailshot" people registered at my website.

    However, having run the script to email everyone, I've had a lot of emails returned saying there is a limit to sending only 500 emails per hour.

    Domain has exceeded the max emails per hour (500) allowed. Message discarded.
    I can understand why you might put this limit in place to avoid spam emailing etc but is there a way around this? Or am I just going to have to split up my email shots into bunchs of 500 per hour. (At the moment that's not too bad as I only have 800 users - but I am thinking ahead).

    Many thanks,

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    Another option would be to upgrade onto a Cloud server where the outgoing email limit will be 1000 emails/hour or divide your mailing list.


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      Thanks for the confirmation.


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        Keep us updated with your decision


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          It's not the answer you're looking for probably. My isp used to implement tarpitting which gradually slowed the amount of mails that could be sent once it reached a certain level. Is it something that may work for you/ EUK could implemet? At least that way, you could send the list in one go, but te server would send them out at their own time (that's the way I understood it worked anyway).
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            I'm pretty sure there are ways of automating different batches of emails to go out over a period of time - and therefore stay within the limits. It's built in to a lot of the bigger mailing list software .
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