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    Unsure on what host to go with

    Hello everyone,
    I have been creating a website locally and I am ready to migrate it over to a webserver, but I am unsure which one to go with. I would prefer a free SSL with the hosting as it will only be a small ecommerce website. I was originally going to go with EUKHost, but their SSL add-on is quite costly for what I need. I have also saw <name removed> recommended a few times here as they have easy LetsEncrypt installation, should this be the host I go with? What hosts do you guys use that offer free SSL? Any suggestions would be amazing, thanks!!!!!!
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    For free SSL, LetsEncrypt is good to have and LetsEncrypt is something even we are able to offer with our hosting if required. As for Paid SSL Addon, if you prefer any of our paid SSLs, do let us know the hosting service and type of SSL you wish to order and I can work out a deal for you.
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