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    Free control panel for Linux servers


    There's not many free control panels I can find for Linux servers Enkompass from cPanel for Windows Servers - which is free, interestingly). However, I have a Linux Dedicated Server, not a Windows Server, and the only free control panels I can find are primarily Webmin (seems pretty popular) and Kloxo. Is there any free control panel for Linux servers that anyone would recommend?

    Thank you
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    Hi Reece,

    Well, by far cPanel is the "best option" because of its wealth of support with third party applications and so forth, and this is primarily what the obvious considerations are. Do also bear in mind that Softaculous, Fantastico and other popular software won't work on Webmin. However saying that, there is a Awstats module for Webmin, if you wish to use that.

    I've never needed to use Webmin myself but someone I know has used it before, and I had asked him what he thought of Webmin having never tried it myself (I've only ever used cPanel and Plesk), and he had said the interface wasn't as appealing as the commercial offerings but was useful nonetheless.

    On a monthly basis, cPanel costs 15 per month with us for Dedicated Servers and 5 per month for Plesk (on a Dedicated Server with a 100 domain license - 10 for an unlimited domain license), so if you do not like Webmin or Kloxo your only feasible choice is to install a commercial control panel offering. However, try out Webmin, Virtualmin is the panel in the same sense as cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, etc. which is based on Webmin).

    Hope this helps.
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      Re: Free control panel for Linux servers

      cPanel needs license hence it is not free but you can try other free Control panels like ZPanel, OpenPanel etc..