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    Originally posted by Ben View Post
    cPanel with fantastico is definitely the best solution for any webmaster, and those who are new to this industry. No questions about it, cP, WHM, & fantastico are the best.
    lol yeah, but in the beginning when you get cpanel & fantastico, it's a lil confusing.. 'cause right there your an amateur/noob in it xD like me when i was younger..

    anyways, i still use it.. i don't like plesk actually :P no offense .. but yeah..cpanel is just easy ..

    does someone in here prefer plesk? could he give a reason?


      Cpanel & Fantastico makes life so much easier for Web Masters so always gets my seal of approval.


        I've tried a host with Ensim as a control panel. It's slower and not as feature rich as cpanel. Doing web site hosting back ups, seemed to take forever.
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          +1 vote for Cpanel



            Anyway! I think that whm-cpanel is the best combination, as for fantastico is ok for beginers but actualy you can't upgrate your joomla site for instance if it's heavyly modified and i hope that joomla 1.6 will solve many problem about updating.

            I have build my portal www.istories.gr