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    I've had the Cpanel reseller account for quite a while now, hosting a few clients sites on there. I don't always have the time to assist customers but I read on the EUKhost website that "Your customers can email our helpdesk on an anonymous email address for 24x7 support or you can redirect your support emails to our helpdesk."

    Sounds good, but I'm not sure how to go about it and can't seem to find the relevant info in the forum so I thought I'd write a new post.

    Basically, my clients don't get to see Cpanel, I am a web designer and they run non internet related businesses where I have created a website for them and set up email.

    1: If a client had email problems would EUKhost support be able to assist or would clients need to give Cpanel details?
    2: Also what address would they email to?
    3: I expect I could create my own help email address that forwards the email to the service team although the danger is they respond to that address and not the user so maybe direct is best?

    I will be grateful for any assistance.

    kind regards

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    Think I've found an answer to question 1.

    To quote Welsh Tom's sticky in the shared CPanel forum a query can be solved quicker by support by providing them with...

    "1) Domain Name:

    2) Server Name and IP address:

    3) Description of problem:

    4) Anything you might have done which may have caused the problem:

    5) Anything you have done already, to try and resolve the problem:

    6) Any additional information you think is relevant:"

    So even though I don't give clients access to Cpanel, if I supply the above details to my clients they can use it when they submit their problem.

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      Email support for linux reseller's clients is...

      Found some more answers hidden in the forums - but thought it may be of interest to others who read this too.

      To answer question 2, my Linux reseller account's clients should email [email protected] for assistance.



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        IMO. you'll have to contact the support department of Eukhost, request them to setup an email address wherein any emails sent to that email id would landup in their queue. By doing this, your customers would believe that you have your own hosting support team to help troubleshoot the issue without knowing the actual fact though


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          Hi Matt,
          Thank you for the information, I think that is what I will do then as it will make the business look professional.

          many thanks