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  • Alpha Master Reseller Hosting Plans

    I have a bit knowledge about reseller hosting packages as seen on few of the web hosting companies. But, while searching through one of the webmaster forum I had came to know that there are other reseller hosting plans as well. What is the difference between Alpha Master reseller hosting plans and normal reseller hosting packages offered by ?

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    After a little reading done on few of the other sites, it seems that there isn't much difference between the two types :

    Master Reseller Hosting : A Master Reseller is someone who can sell whm reseller and web hosting space.

    Alpha Master Reseller Hosting : Whereas an Alpha reseller is something where you cna sell Master reseller, whm reseller and web hosting space.

    There doesn't seem much of a convincing evidence or facts about the benefits of having an Alpha Reseller Hosting package. If this is some kind of marketing tactic that has been adopted by the hosting provider, then it makes me think of a chance that someday they might come up with something like Super Reseller, Super Alpha Reseller etc.

    I am keen to check-out what others have to say about this ......


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      alpha is a big plane of hosting alpha reseller hosting with you create master reseller accounts reseller accounts and cpanel accounts shared accounts......