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How do I set up my web hosting site to use my reseller hosting?

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  • How do I set up my web hosting site to use my reseller hosting?


    I think I understand the in's and out's of reseller hosting from a backend standpoint, however can someone confirm how I pass on the hosting packages to my customers?

    Does UKHost provide a web framework which I add to my personal "" site for example that outlines the hosting packages available, including an order interface and client login interface?

    If the above assumption is correct can I then customise this interface to give it my look and feel so it theoretically appears that I am a unique web hosting company and not piggy backing on an existing company?

    Any help appreciated!

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    Once you signup for the Reseller hosting plan and the setup process is completed, you will receive the login details of the control panel. You will get a master control panel through which you will be able to create hosting plans for your customers according to you. After the hosting plans are created, you can display those on your website. You can use some free templates to build your website.

    When it comes to a client area for your customers, we can provide you with Ehostbill billing application and you can manage the billing account of your customers using it.


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      From the master control panel, you will be able to create accounts for your customers and you can assign a separate control panel to each customer account. As your customers will have their own control panel, they will be able to manage their account on their own.
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        It's nice to see you're using Ehostbill for billing. I've worked with Ehostbill and it was an awesome service. I'm afraid I don't have enough time to start a reselling business for now, but I'm definitely recommending eUKhost to everyone who wants to launch a reselling company.


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          Inaddition to all the above mentioned features, you are allowed to use your custom nameservers which allows you to hide the identity of the parent hosting company, hence seeming you to be a sole hosting provider and not a reseller of any other company. Moreover, since you have access of a master reseller account, you can design a package according to your preferences and sell it at a price of your own choice. This makes reseller hosting one of the preferred mediums of making money online.