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Emails not being received by others?

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  • Emails not being received by others?

    When emailing to someone through one of my domains, quite a few of the emails are not getting through to the intended recipients. BUT, when sending via an aol, gmail, hotmail acct, they always get through??? Anyone else having problems with people not getting your emails?

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    Anyone at all ?


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      Hi Chris,

      If you are sending them directly via the web mail software, then it may be a problem with your account. If this is the case, please submit a support ticket so the support team can look into this and see if it a problem they can fix for you. If it is via a desktop mail client such as Outlook then it could be a configuration issue but I'm sure you would of configured it correctly. Again if you could submit a ticket and reference the Ticket ID here in case any technicians look at this thread at some point.


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        I think the answer lies in your configuration. I also have experienced it on my first web hosting plan. I forgot how I manage to fix it but I know it's only in the email configuration.


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          Never The less

          Here you go :

          eukhost . com / forums /f15 /guidelines-configure-outlook-express-107

          How to configure your Email Clients
          if you have any different email client just post here with your domain names will give you the exact configuration need to set.