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    Originally posted by Bud Boy View Post

    First of all - Thank you to the team who took on board my request for some help in getting this sorted. The attempt was appreciated.
    You're most welcome.

    Originally posted by Bud Boy View Post
    However, this has now been closed as no member of eukhost was able to get a PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE, COMMERCIAL GRADE PRE-DESIGNED TEMPLATE from one of the biggest template companies online to work with SMTP, despite it working fine on another server using php mail.

    The final support comment was:

    "I tried to embed our test SMTP auth code in your page and also update your existing one but didnt succeed. As we mentioned earlier we do not support major scripting issues, will not able to help you with this."

    ... now you can perhaps see my problem (and many others) with a "major scripting issue"!

    If your technical boffins cannot get it working then what chance does Joe public have???
    Even though we do not support scripting/designing and third party app issues, we try our best to help the customers with related issues and also suggest them the most viable resolution they can get from external sources. We have had looked into your issue and attempted to apply our sample code but as your contact form is built in rich design template, we could not transform it into SMTP auth as expected.

    Originally posted by Bud Boy View Post
    Eukhost have now washed their hands of this problem. - it would have been nice if you'd have returned my site as you found it.
    We have already suggested you an alternate hosting and also looked into your issue as referred in the ticket : EKM-814-21676. I have just replied your ticket with an another option that you should afford to get it working. Please check it once.
    Kieran A.
    Cloud Administrator
    Skype :: Kieran.Alen | eUKhost