Methods to optimise resource usage on UNIX shared hosting account?

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    Methods to optimise resource usage on UNIX shared hosting account?

    We have very quickly reached the limit of the resources allowed to us on EUKHost's shared reseller hosting account and are now looking for ways to optimise our usage. Most of our sites are Wordpress based so we have ensured that our Wordpress instances and plugins are updated and our code optimised. However, many of our sites (even ones that are very little used) receive the dreaded "Memory resources were limited for your site" and "CPU resources were limited for your site" messages (Cpanel: logs/Resource Usage Overview).

    We have just enabled "Compress all content" from CPanel Software/Services. (we are surprised that this is not enables by default and the fact that it isn't makes us wonder if there is some downside to enabling it?).

    Is there anything else we can do to optimise the resource usage of our web sites so we do not continually fall foul of EUKHost's resource limiting?

    Has anyone any experience of Wordpress caching plugins such as W3 Total cache or Hyper-cache... or indeed any other methods to cache or compress to increase resource usage?

    Thanks for any replies

    Re: Methods to optimise resource usage on UNIX shared hosting account?

    Here are some of the techniques that you can follow in order to optimize your website performance:
    • Defer the loading content of the web pages whenever possible. This means that when a user performs an action on the web page, instead of reloading the entire web page, just reload the changes made.
    • Utilizing inline CSS also increases the resources required and the loading time of the web page. When anyone tries to access your website, the browser will first load the CSS and JavaScript files. Therefore, the best practice is to place them in the external files.
    • In case your website is connecting to the database for creating the same content, it’s time for you to use a caching system. With a caching system in place, your website will have to create content only once instead of creating the content repeatedly everytime the page is visited by the users.
    • Avoid resizing the images in HTML. For instance, if the original size of an image is 1280x900px and if you would like to get it down to 400x280px, then preferably, this should be done with the image editors like photoshop instead of using the HTML attributes like width and height.