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    Email limit


    I am reselling to a customer who wishes to send up to 1500 emails per month in the form of a newsletter. Is this in contravention of the 200 email limit?

    Does anyone have any ideas for how to avoid this, perhaps by staggering the emails in batches?


    You cannot send 1500 emails at a time..
    You can send upto 200 emails per hour on shared and reseller hosting. For 1500 emails you can create mailing list and throttle list so that your outgoing mail limit does not exceed.

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      Thanks for your reply Matthew - do you know how I could go about throttling emails?



        I think you can use a software like PHPList. Which will allow you to set a limit to send emails per hour. And it is very simple to install and configure it.

        All the Help can be found HERE



        is the option that will allow to send 200 emails per hour.
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          Excellent, thankyou both for your help, much appreciated.


            Out of interest, does anyone know how to throttle the sending on mailman? I've been trying to find that out but have yet failed to find a solution...
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              HI there, I just saw this post are putting up my one - did you every find out if it was possible?




                I didn't but I moved to a Semi-Ded so it didn't become an issue.
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                  Originally posted by jc8654 View Post
                  Out of interest, does anyone know how to throttle the sending on mailman? I've been trying to find that out but have yet failed to find a solution...
                  Jonathan, did you see: HOWTO - Using Exim 4 and Mailman 2.1 together — I presume not? Originally written by Nigel Metheringham, here's an extract that might be worth trying:

                  Tuning of numbers of recipients
                  By default Mailman will send up to 500 recipients on each message it injects into exim. However this is not necessarily a good configuration for exim since it will route all those recipients before starting deliveries to any of them. Additionally some ACL configurations have tests on the maximum number of recipients (which is a good reason for having a get out ACL for list traffic as described above).

                  I would suggest setting Mailman to send a maximum of 5 to 50 recipients on a single mail (setting it lower decreases list latency, but increases the work that Mailman and exim have to do), and change it to send a maximum of 30 messages per SMTP connection. To reflect this you should also change the exim parameter
                  smtp_accept_queue_per_connection to be 30 as well.

                  For example, add the following lines to ~mailman/Mailman/
                  # Max recipients for each message
                  SMTP_MAX_RCPTS = 15
                  # Max messages sent in each SMTP connection

                  Tuning a mailing list system is very much a black art, and depends on the type of lists you host, their throughput, size and the bandwidth available. In general, tuning is only a significant issue if you are pushing your system near its operational limits.

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                    Hmm! After further googling it would seem that my earlier find will probably not provide a solution. From the Mailman Wiki I found this:

                    4.51. How do I limit the rate (throttle) at which Mailman sends mail?

                    From the thread on the mailman-users mailing list at [Mailman-Users] what is the way mailman deliver the messages?:

                    Some people choose to install Mailman at home on a consumer-grade Internet connection, or with a hosting company, and the provider will only allow them to send so many messages in a given period of time.

                    Unfortunately, Mailman has no way to control the rate at which messages are sent. Depending on how you have configured various settings, Mailman may dump 100 or 500 recipients or more into what it considers to be a single outgoing message. The MTA which receives this long list of subscribers might then break that up into smaller chunks of five or ten recipients for some medium-size sites, fifty or a hundred or more recipients for large sites, and lots of smaller sites with just one or two recipients.

                    Your ISP would look at this flow of outgoing messages, and could decide to count this in a variety of ways. They could count the total number of recipients, regardless of the number of messages. They could count the number of connection attempts, regardless of number of recipients. They could count the number of bytes flowing across the connection in a given period of time. They could do almost anything.

                    If you want to do rate limiting, you need to do that within the MTA, but this is an issue that you should bring up on mailing lists, newsgroups, etc... that are specific to your MTA - there's nothing that Mailman can do to help you. If your MTA does not provide any features to allow you to control this, you should consider upgrading your account, switching ISPs to one that does not rate limit you, or moving your list to a hosting provider (see Do you offer Mailman hosting, consulting, or contractor services?).

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                    This is one of many Frequently Asked Questions.

                    To rdb123 it seems then that if your customer has no wish to use anything other than Mailman, having his account hosted on a dedicated server is probably the most sensible solution.

                    However, as suggested here and in the other parallel Mailman topic, PHPList is the right solution for unidirectional mailings/newsletters.

                    If you want to conduct a trial on a dedicated server, please send me a PM ...

                    Too many nice toys too little time to play with 'em!


                      Hi there, I just switched to php mailer and it looks fine. I had run Mailman with on account as a test - glad I hadn't offered it to all of my clients...