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    Newbie Help Please

    Ok so I have set up a reseller account and have my WHM login, created a new package and am ready to resell ! My domain xfr for my main domain has been initiated but not yet completed (still need to chnag ethe IPSTAG to Enom .... will do that later lol).

    So I guess I still need to request the enom account details to be able to sell domain names?

    Interested in automating as much as possible and would be grateful if anyone can give me a steer:

    Cpanel Accounting Module. I want to use PHP to create the new account once my client signs up and pays (can set up a shopping cart and paypal IPN in PHP, have done that before). Not found much documentation on the EUK site but found a php example that uses the Cpanel accounting Module but not sure where to download that module from?

    Also found ref to an XML module that depracates the PP module but not had much experience with XML calls, anyone got a php example?


    Graham !

    Thank you for considering eUKhost as your hosting partner.

    Your ticket for enom reseller account has been moved in our billing department and our billing department will provide you with your enom account login details asap.

    You should check the billing systems available within Fantastico for complete automation of your hosting orders. You can either choose Accountlab Plus or PHPCoin depending on which one you prefer. Fantastico section can be found in your cpanel control panel.

    Most of our customers have switched to WHMCS which is a cheap and the best billing automation software for hosting companies. You can order WHMCS directly from WHMCS - The Complete Client Management, Billing & Support System
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      Hello Graham,

      to Eukhost forums.
      So I guess I still need to request the enom account details to be able to sell domain names?
      You can email our billing department to get the free Enom's reseller account.

      Cpanel Accounting Module.
      The cPanel Accounting PHP module is designed to give programs that need access to create/remove/modify accounts an easy way to implement this in their PHP program.
      You can download the code from cpanel's plugin site.

      Nick J.


        Thanks, I followed your link but could not see where to download The link only seems to show the API documentation when I click on PHP? Am I missing something?



          There is no need to download the file "" under your account.
          You need to include this file in your script.
          We just have to set appropriate permission on this file, so you would able to read/use it in your script.

          Nick J.


            Fantastic, thanks Nick