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    Resending Account Welcome Emails


    I am setting up accounts for sites on my Reseller package and I can see no way of resending the Welcome Email that my clients receive. This means that I have no way of checking what details they are using.

    Is there a way to resend these without raising a ticket every time?


    The email with account details will be sent when you add a new account from your Reseller WHM and this email will be sent to contact email set under your Cpanel.

    Also, as a reseller, you are the only one who can add the accounts from your WHM, so you can copy the accounts details at the time of account setup.

    There is no other way, you can retrieve the information.

    Nick J.


      We will contact cPanel QA Manager and ask them if they can provide such option. We will let you know once we hear from them.
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        Thanks guys - much appreciated - its just I know that the client will lose these details at some point and although I have a 'manual' copy it would be nice to be able to resend as and when.