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    Email Authentication

    I have seen a lot of clients complaining about receiving a lot of spam emails, also people complaining that their emails are hacked and used to send spam email resulting in bad reputation of your brand and your account with the hosting company gets blocked.
    This can be avoided using the Email Authentication feature provided in you control panel (cpanel)

    Enable DIKM:-DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)

    DIKM is a means of verifying incoming emails. It checks if the emails are from the sender who they identify themselves as and also check if the incoming emails are not modified.
    Enabling this feature prevents incoming spam emails.
    DIKM allows an organization take the responsibility of an email that is sent out. It provides a channel for validating the domain name that is associated with the email through cryptographic authentication.

    Enable SKF: - Sender policy framework (SKF)

    This is a best feature you can enable if you have a VPS or a dedicated server or if you face hacking issues frequently and spam emails being sent through your domain name.
    This feature allows you to specify the IP address and servers that are allowed to send emailís using your domain name.
    Enabling this feature prevents outgoing spam emails.

    Cyril Clive