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Stockport outage: where is the status update? Furious!

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  • Stockport outage: where is the status update? Furious!

    I'm going mad here. The Stockport server has been out since (as far as I am aware) at least 6pm last night and is still not working for me - no websites, no email, no CPanel or webmail, nothing. Yet there is nothing on which doesn't seem to have been updated for a month. When I queried the outage via chat, I was given this URL:
    Apart from the fact it blithely says everything is more or less OK (IT IS NOT), there is no way I can find this page from the landing page. Why not? I can't even post a reply as it seems to be a proprietary WP page.

    Having all the websites and email out of action is seriously bad, being lied to on the status page is worse. I have been with you for years and years and have generally been really happy. But this sort of incompetence and lack of communcation is infuriating and worrying. What reassurance can you offer me that things will get back to normal in very short order?

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    Hello Elvira,

    We regret the inconvenience caused. We had to undertake emergency maintenance over Stockport server and upon further investigation it was found that the server OS was corrupted due to which all accounts had to be migrated to a new server. This entire process of investigation, detection and subsequent migration took time however our team had posted timely updates over Service Status page informing about the progress.

    As for being unable to post a reply over Service Status page, I am afraid the platform is there only for sharing timely updates with customers of the resolution progress and not meant to be an interactive platform. Our team keeps updating the same as and when any progress is made towards resolution of the issues.

    Our staff over Live Chat usually shares the Service Status page link with customers to ensure customers follow the resolution progress without the need to initiate a live chat or ticket instance at regular intervals.

    Lastly, please PM me in case you are still experiencing any issues with your websites or email and I'll personally get it resolved.
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