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    Wordpress App Access - XML-RPC


    I have tried accessing/updating my site through the WordPress app but when I ask it to search my domain it says;

    "Couldn't connect. Required XML-RPC methods are missig on the server"

    I've seen on a blog on the eUKHost site that the Wordpress app is recommended as a way of remote updating, so surely there is a way to get access, but I can't? Online tutorials say I need to access it through Settings > Writing from within Wordpress, but that seems to be a reduced menu as the XML-RPC option isn't there.

    Any ideas on how I can get connectivity?


    To fix it, I will recommend installing these two PHP packages:

    sudo apt install php-xml
    sudo apt install php-xmlrpc
    sudo systemctl restart apache2


      To enable Wordpress App Access, go to Settings > Writing > Remote Publishing and check the checkbox.
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