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Have an Intermediate Server as POP3 that allows IMAP Sync

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  • Have an Intermediate Server as POP3 that allows IMAP Sync


    I have one professional email account with the company email policy which allocates us a maximum of 500mbs which was exceptionally increased to 2gb for me. My company where I am working are hosting their emails on a cPanel server and wants us to set POP3 or remove old emails from their server to save space.

    Thus, I was wondering if there is a cloud service that would basically act as an intermediate server where I could, for example, set up POP3 to download emails and remove the emails from the company server to then set up IMAP which would allow my clients (laptop, smartphone, tablet) to retrieve the emails from that server. In short, every email would go to this server and be removed from the company server & every email received would be kept on this server and be accessed from my email clients. Obviously, I would want my emails to be safe and secure.

    My aim is to free the space of my company's email server but still be able to access my emails from any clients and from the Internet. Also, it is essential for me to have very little bug as it is for my professional life.

    What I currently have, a personal GSuite account, Synology NAS, a personal CPanel server for my website. It would be great if I could use any of those. I can pay a maximum of 3usd per month for any additional service such as a VPS.

    Please help me.

    Many thanks,

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    A cPanel based shared hosting account or a VPS would suit your requirements perfectly however the maximum cost per month you are comfortable with won't get a VPS with cPanel. Please let us know the amount of storage space required with this new hosting account accordingly we will be able to share the specifications and pricing. Once registered, our team would also be able to set this up for you
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