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Check Website Traffic Statistics Using cPanel

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    Check Website Traffic Statistics Using cPanel

    Hello everyone,

    Here I am giving the detail information about how to check site statistics using the cPanel control panel:
    The cPanel control panel includes AWStats. It is a software program that shows the domain’s traffic statistics with:
    • Get the average number of monthly, daily, and hourly visitors on any particular domain name
    • Links through which visitors access your website
    • HTTP codes
    • Operating systems used by visitors
    • Visitors location information
    • Web browser information
    Follow these following steps to access AWStats:
    • First, log in to your cPanel account
    • Then scroll down to the Metrics section
    • You see AWStats icons, click on this
    • After that click on the view icon for the domain whose statistics you wish to show
    Finally, you get all the information

    Thank you Aaron, for sharing such beneficial information. I have recently purchased the shared hosting from eUKHost, but not able to get the details of traffic statistics. But reading your post, now I am able to get all details.
    Thank you so much.