CPanel updating and IMAp query ?.

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    CPanel updating and IMAp query ?.


    I have a persistent problem with CPanel's reporting of email. Before I raise another ticket, can I ask here how long is it supposed to take for Cpanel to reflect actual folder usage? One account, for example, is still showing 5MB of email which was deleted several days ago.

    In addition, I don't understand how IMAP email collection and Cpanel updating work together. Is there a handy guide somewhere? My problem is that I am now collecting email for several accounts via Thunderbird, which uses IMAP rather than POP3. The Cpanel disk usage/Webmail updates so slowly that even when I delete or archive messages on my home computer they stay - greyed out - on the webmail interface and the disk usage is correspondingly higher than expected. I then have to go into each account and delete these greyed-out messages manually. This is a bore. Does anyone know how to avoid this? Thunderbird is configured to remove all deleted messages from the server, but this is not happening.

    NB the folder showing 5MB of non-existent mail is not accessed by any IMAP or POP3 clients. It is forwarded to those who need to see it and I delete mail every so often by means of a cron job (thanks to Kieran). There is nothing to be seen in the folder even using File Manager via Cpanel, but Cpanel is still reporting 5MB of data.



    Please share or PM the ticket ID of any ongoing ticket for this issue or your primary email address registered with us. Our team can then look into your account and provide necessary assistance.
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