Why use safe.dnsbl.sorbs.net as your RBL?

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    Why use safe.dnsbl.sorbs.net as your RBL?

    I'm getting complaints from people having their emails bounced when they send them to any of my eukhost email forwarders.

    The email tells them that their home IP address is blacklisted by safe.dnsbl.sorbs.net, but they never have any problem emailing all-sorts of other email addresses!

    On investigation I've discovered that safe.dnsbl.sorbs.net includes a number of lists including dul.dnsbl.sorbs.net. This is a list of IP blocks that are dynamically allocated by ISPs around their various domestic customers. These IP blocks include ones belong to TalkTalk and BTConnect. The ones I've checked have been blacklisted since 2010 and will only ever be removed if the ISP requests the removal.

    Clearly -
    - The UKs major ISPs aren't interested in removing their IPs from this list.
    - The vast majority of email systems aren't bouncing emails based on this list.

    So, why would anyone use this Realtime Black List in the way that eukhosts are?
    Surely there are better alternatives?

    This is a real nuisance. If I were a business I'd be losing customers.

    Re: Why use safe.dnsbl.sorbs.net as your RBL?

    Dear Stephen,

    I've asked a senior administrator to check this for you & provide you with a proper solution against our implementation of DNS RBLs.
    Rock _a.k.a._ Jack Daniel

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