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  • Keep it 2048 or Unlimited.

    Just a quick share

    Tried increasing the quota for an email address using cPanel to 2500 MB in cPanel however encountered an error as below :

    On reading posts online I found that this a technical limitation with Exim that prevents the use of soft quota that exceeds 2048 MB. This is because it results into failure to deliver any emails to accounts having such a quota. Therefore the limit of 2048 MB or less exists. Any accounts requiring more than 2048 MB of space get converted to "Unlimited Quota" accounts which has no quota defined and can use any amount of space.

    This is what cPanel says about email quota :

    "Due to mail server constraints, quotas cannot be greater than 2048 MB (2GB) on 32-bit operating systems and 4096000 MB (4096 GB or 4 TB) on 64-bit operating systems. Quotas that exceed these amounts must be unlimited".

    Suzanne Jones.
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    Re: Keep it 2048 or Unlimited.

    Thanks for sharing this information, Suzanne!
    Rock _a.k.a._ Jack Daniel

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      Re: Keep it 2048 or Unlimited.

      Good to know info ..