Frustrated with the EMail Hosting Service

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    Frustrated with the EMail Hosting Service

    Although I have been around the internet since the JANET days I am new to eUKhosts.

    I signed up to the fairly new Email Hosting service using Zimbra and Spam Experts. As with a new toy, I was keen to get it setup and running but the setup and subsequent support from EUKhosts has been painfully slow.

    I have raised ticket number MCP-121-44862 but it seems eUKhost support keeps trying to resolve it without actually responding to all the requests in the ticket, meaning I keep having to re-open it.

    I am not asking anything that should not be part of the standard setup and welcome service/documentation..

    I thought I would help myself and resolve the question myself so I searched the Knowledge Base but there is no information.

    I have spent a good half day chasing support and still don't have the mail service up and running !

    You really should write some guides and tell prospective customers that it can take up to 24 hours to get it working.

    Anyway, here are my outstanding support questions in case someone here can help:

    1) What is the relevant SPF and DKIM record I need to setup on my DNS?
    2) What are the SSL IMAP and SMTP servers and ports ?
    3) How do I setup additional mailboxes (up to my quota) ?
    4) Have you setup Spam Experts to also route outgoing emails ?

    Thanks for any help I can get


    I have escalated your ticket to a senior tech for review and further assistance. You shall receive an update soon within the same ticket as I have added the above points in the notes of same ticket. We will be in contact soon, thank you.
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