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Cloudbackup Vs. Cloud Storage

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  • Cloudbackup Vs. Cloud Storage

    Are Cloud backup & Cloud Storage same? If no, what is the difference between Cloud backup and Cloud Storage?

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    The hype around “Cloud” has blurred the boundaries between cloud storage and cloud backup. This has even distorted the boundaries between storage and storage of the cloud as well as synchronization and sharing. Many service providers actually appreciate this confusion, as it gives them more room to conquer potential customers. However, this confusion eventually disrupt the market, apparently slow down acceptance and ultimately spoil the market for everyone.

    In addition, several times cloud storage intentionally confused with storage in the cloud, however, the differences are striking.

    Storage in the cloud means, when a user or application access a cloud application on the public Internet or VPN. Such type of cloud application is co-located with local storage, which can be any type of storage (SAN, NAS, DAS or Object). The cloud app hides the storage from the user.

    On the other hand, cloud storage means, when a user or application access cloud storage directly over the Internet or VPN through web service APIs. Although, some underestimate the differences between storage in cloud and cloud storage, they are actually far from small.

    Note: Cloud storage is a different type of storage than traditional storage. It offers features and functionality specifically designed to solve the most complex storage problems.

    Cloud backup: basically, the main purpose of cloud storage is to increase user’s storage requirements and the main purpose of Cloud backup / online backup is to replicate stored data on it, to ensure that in case of any disaster the important data can be restored. In a different perspective, it’s kind of a disaster recovery. In another way, better safe than sorry


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      They are two different is syncing and the other being back up of your files. Syncing makes sure that the content you are about is sync is same on the other devices while backup refers to copying data from one location to other.


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        Backup is something that works in the background and backup services help in backup of any new data or changes applied to another location. Cloud storage is where the online backup data is stored. They basically act as an endpoint for data storage.


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          Online backup services are mostly confused with cloud storage and syncing services like Box, Dropbox, etc. These devices are designed to protect data automatically along with storing files in the cloud. Cloud Storage services generally sync one folder with all its subfolders to the cloud. Another thing is that they sometimes offer online collaboration too. Now, many backup services offer similar folder-syncing capabilities, but only a few syncing services offer full-scale backup functionality.