eUKHOST Private Cloud Hosting and Online Cloud Storage Solutions

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    eUKHOST Private Cloud Hosting and Online Cloud Storage Solutions

    Hi Guys,

    We have been hearing a lot about Private Cloud and Online Storage Solutions these days, but fairly less number of users are aware of the preference of cloud computing selection for their Organization.

    Some of the basics that one should know are :-

    1. Public Cloud are services offered over Global network connectivity which is mainly intended for retail cloud computing users whereas Private Cloud are deployed for Organizations who require a architecture for their own requirement. Of course, this involves restrictions like firewall and monitoring by employees of the Organization and it's inter-links.

    2. Private Cloud can be customised as per user's requirement whereas Public Cloud are built on specific billing models such as "eNlight Cloud Hosting" which is also called "Pay-per-consume Cloud" amongst users. Though, the number of instances created within a account and it's rights remain with the user. If you have a small budget, you should consider a cloud of such a billing model. Ofcourse, Don't buy until you try!

    3. Some of the Public cloud functions includes the basic principle of storage and resource on-demand scalability. On the other hand, you won't require a hardware on private cloud environment, but the data accessed will be only be available amongst users of an organization and third-parties who access the same cloud environment. To sum, it's based and build specifically for that particular organization until they would like to share their platform with another Organization or Individuals.

    4. As the name suggests "Public" and "Private", the firewall and security measurements are dependent on it.

    5. "Private Cloud Solutions" are comparatively lesser in data security risks as they are not on "Public Network" and only interact with networks and pools which allows them to do so. Considering the cost, the initial cost is a bit expensive, but gets minimal within a short time of usage. Hosting on a Public Cloud Environment is lesser in terms of cost, but if the data is stored for a longer period of time or duration, it can be expensive.

    Accessibility can be one of the important factors of Public Cloud Computing for the reason being, it is available to users via Internet. In most cases, private cloud hosting services do have web accessibility but can be limited depending upon the restrictions are deployed within the infrastructure.

    Re: eUKHOST Private Cloud Hosting and Online Cloud Storage Solutions

    Hey Suhaib, I have read a lot about the public cloud, private cloud and the hybrid cloud. But, recently I have came across one more solution called as Enterprise Cloud. Can you please explain, what an Enterprise Cloud is? Is it similar to the Private Cloud or is completely different from the public, private and hybrid cloud?