Frequently Asked Questions Regarding eNlight Cloud

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    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding eNlight Cloud

    Are there any contracts with eNlight?
    No. There are no time-bound contracts. We can even provide a refund for unused credit (as long as it is credit that you had deposited and not won through a competition, etc). Simply request this to our billing department.

    I don't understand how eNlight Cloud works?
    The primary aspects of eNlight Cloud are explained below.
    • eNlight Cloud is "Pay As You Go" - there's no strict monthly fees. When you buy eNlight Cloud, you're paying 25 towards eNlight credit. Once your order is processed, our sales team adds this towards your eNlight credit for you to use with your eNlight VMs.
    • eNlight Cloud autoscales your VMs resources automatically without you ever having to worry about it. You are only charged for the resources your VM actually uses. We have transparent and detailed logs regarding usage and the charges based on your VM(s) usage.
    • You can have an unlimited amount of VMs in your eNlight account.
    • An eNlight Virtual Machine (VM) is similar to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) but the resources of your virtual machines/servers running under our eNlight system are upscaled and descaled depending on your VMs usage automatically. You are billed every 5 minutes for VM usage to ensure absolutely accurate VM charges. Your VM charges are paid for with your pre-paid eNlight credit.
    • Any addons you add onto your VM is paid for with your eNlight credit - no extra invoices for cPanel or another addon available for you to install on your eNlight Cloud VM.
    • There are no conditions on how often you need to top-up your eNlight credit. Simply top up credit when you need. We send notifications every 7 days regarding your eNlight credit to keep you informed.
    • We do not suspend your eNlight VMs unless your eNlight credit reaches -30 GBP or has been at 0 or below for 5 days or more (whichever is sooneer); in which case your VMs are automatically suspended by our system.

    If you have any questions regarding eNlight Cloud, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team over live chat or by asking your question in our eNlight Cloud forum.

    Do you offer CentOS- and Windows-based eNlight VM templates?

    What about Ubuntu Server VM template?
    We will be supporting this in our next eNlight release. This will be available to all existing eNlight customers once it has finished undergoing testing by our eNlight engineers.

    When I purchase eNlight, how does it work in order to create an eNlight virtual machine?
    When you buy eNlight, you are merely buying the service and topping up credit. You can create unlimited amount of VMs and usage of your VMs deducts the credit you have. When you create a VM, you can choose from a variety of templates, including CentOS with cPanel/WHM (however, cPanel/WHM costs 5 per month add-on).

    Do I have to top-up credit on a regular basis?
    No. As long as you have existing credit in your account you don't need to top up. Simply top up whenever you want and as required. Bear in mind if your credit is below 0 for more than 5 days (or if it reaches -30) your service will be suspended, whichever is sooner.

    Is eNlight a managed service solution, where I can request for technical support at any time?
    Yes. Fully managed. You can submit a ticket for us to do maintenance, install software or services or anything else technical support related. It is a managed hosting solution like our VPS and Dedicated Server offerings.

    Do eNlight VMs come with full root access?

    Can eNlight VM replace my VPS? I require more resources than a VPS.
    Yes. In essence, eNlight uses the same sort of virtualisation technique as VPS hosting, but you have the benefits of auto scalability and cost savings as a result. With eNlight, you are only charged for the resources you use.

    Do you charge VAT on this service?
    Yes. Our company VAT number is 927046620. If you need to contact us regarding this, please contact the billing department.

    What are the minimum and maximum amount of CPUs I can have on a single VM?
    For Linux-based VMs, 1 to 24 CPUs. For Windows-based VMs, a minimum of 4 CPUs.

    What are the minimum and maximum amount of RAM I can have on a single VM?
    It depends on the OS the VM you wish to run - right now between CentOS and Windows. Between 512MB RAM and 84GB RAM. For cost estimations, please see eNlight Cost Predictor Tool • Forecast The Cost | UK Web Hosting

    Can I allocate the maximum amount of resources I wish for my VM to use, to keep my costs under control?
    Yes. When you create a new VM, you allocate resources to it. So it will never use more resources than what you have allocated. However, you are only charged for the resources of the allocated amount you use.7

    How does "minimum CPU/RAM allocation" work?
    You can allocate a minimum amount of RAM or CPU resources if you need. Once allocated, they are guaranteed for your VM at all times. Please be aware you will be charged the minimum CPU/RAM if you have a minimum amount of RAM/CPU resources allocated to your VM because those resources are allocated to your VM and are guaranteed.

    How does "maximum CPU/RAM allocation" work?
    The maximum CPU/RAM is the maximum amount of those resources you want your VM to scale up to. Your VM will allocate additional RAM and CPU resources if it needs to, within the bounds of the upper limit as per the max. RAM value.

    Other information...
    • 2 IPs are provided with eNlight Cloud. If you require more, please contact our sales department.
    • cPanel/WHM and other add-ons are available for you to add onto your VMs. Please note, each VM would require a separate cPanel/WHM license - 5 per month for each license.
    • Uptime guarantee of eNlight Cloud is 99.95%
    • eNlight Cloud is fully managed. You can contact our technical support for assistance any time of the day or night.
    • You aren't charged for the first 1TB of bandwidth. Essentially, 1TB of bandwidth is provided for free.
    • An eNlight API is coming soon.
    • eNlight is DDoS protected.
    • RAM and CPU scaling is automatic and on the fly with no downtime.
    • Detailed logs on billing and usage in the eNlight area of the billing area for complete transparency and for your information. Will also let you know approximate costs based on your current usage patterns.
    • Choose between Performance and Economy Mode for your VMs. Economy Mode is more conservative on cache, RAM and other data and destroys such data faster where possible, and will save more money for you as a result.
    • Top-up credit at any time (minimum top-up is 10 for each time). No need to top-up so long as you have existing credit available. You will be notified via e-mail if your credit goes to 0, and you will receive regular e-mails regarding your credit balance. However, bear in mind if you have the cPanel/WHM add-on (or other invoiced add-ons), they will need to be paid for on a monthly basis.
    • Full root access for all VMs you create.
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    Well done.
    Small correction? 512Mb RAM - certainly on the templates that I have available.
    Might also like to add in the minimum and additional disc space details. (To be amended at some later date? )


      Originally posted by ejsolutions View Post
      Well done.
      Small correction? 512Mb RAM - certainly on the templates that I have available.
      Might also like to add in the minimum and additional disc space details. (To be amended at some later date? )
      Corrected. CentOS and Windows templates require a minimum of 512MB of RAM. Further template options will soon be available, we will be supporting Ubuntu Server in our next eNlight release, which will be available to all existing customers when creating new VMs in the future.