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Who provides the underlying eNlight cloud hosting platform?

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  • Who provides the underlying eNlight cloud hosting platform?

    Just doing some googling and wondered who is providing EUKHost's underlying services for eNlight? Is it ESDS in India?

    Which then makes me wonder about whether the EUKHost experts are based in the UK, or are they based in India? I assume that the EUKHost engineers have been trained in the eNlight technologies and providing support from the UK.

    Either way from my experience EUKHost service has been fab up to now, and I wouldn't expect any change with this new service offering.

    What's also interesting is using the exact same billing predictor on the ESDS website, the difference in cost of bandwidth is signficant. EUKHost can offer 1Tb for free, whereas ESDS charges 10,000 INR (about 117). The other costs are similar.



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    Hi Nigel,

    As explained in this knowledgebase article (we are always upfront and honest), ESDS is our company in India for Indian operations, however we have expanded greatly in India with the introduction of our own data centre over there. Our engineering team in ESDS had originally developed eNlight and so we launched the service with ESDS first before bringing it to eUKhost later on, and a lot of development has gone on with our engineers since that time to further improve the platform.

    Our main office is in Leeds. We have senior technicians, customer relations managers, employees assisting us on our legal obligations and sales staff in our Leeds office, and our Indian office consists of level 1, level 2 technical support and senior administrators, most of our eNlight engineers and customer relation managers (mostly for our international customers, such as in India).

    We cannot have all senior technical support staff in the UK as well as providing good value to our customers, so we have operations in India as well. However, our Indian operations has expanded greatly since 2005.

    As the article in the knowledgebase states, all the staff in India are not outsourced, and we have separate HR departments in India to delegate the duties of employment, etc. of our staff there.

    We've always had staff in India so rest assured the level of support you expect and receive from us isn't changing. Our senior technicians in the UK weren't actively involved in the day-to-day development of eNlight, most of what you see is from the work of the engineers at ESDS.

    Kind regards,


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      Thanks Ben - that's really helpful.

      I hadn't seen the knowledge article so thanks for pointing it out.

      Good to see the EUKHost business continue to expand.