Things you didn't know about eNlight Cloud Hosting Services

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    Things you didn't know about eNlight Cloud Hosting Services

    Computer system to applications to software - everything has capacity limits. Websites or applications or database with unlike spikes often do not sustain the capacity issue which in turn just crash. Over-loading the systems not only put a disruption to your business but also reduce the overall performance of the computing systems. Cloud technology like eNlight Cloud offers a unique scalability feature where the capacity has no limit, it's practically "Unlimited resources" with no or 0% downtime. You don't need to purchase new hardware or add-on storage devices or even additional bandwidth packages that would normally cost quite a some.

    eNlight Cloud is backed with the most redundant and sound virtualisation platform technology tested for over a couple of years with multiple instance and resource intensive applications that were tested on the platform. The idea of eNlight cloud is to improve efficiency with less infrastructure and more output. eNlight Cloud Computing resources scale as when required by applications or websites or anything that basically runs in the hand of software and web technology.

    eNlight Cloud is designed to fit business requirements which need to have their presence at all times like eCommerce, banking, GPS Systems for live tracking or even poker websites. If you need your business running, you better be considering eNlight Cloud. It's not a product, it's part of your business model which would definitely help you focus more on your business than uptime of your business.

    To understand a bit more about eNlight Cloud Scalability :

    What is Scaling and how does it scale ?

    Scaling is basically referred to increasing computing power or resources in hosting terms. When any website, application, software or database requires immediate computing resources like cpu, ram or bandwidth - it automatically allocates the resources and when the spikes are normal, it adjusts according to the basics. There is no manual intervention at anytime or downtime that would ideally let your business go down.

    Considering the price, does the price remain the same ? - the answer to this is "NO"

    If you are not using it, why should you pay for it ? - eUKHOST recognized this particular specialty and developed it's automated billing integration which is called "Pay per use". It's a simple prepaid hosting system where you are charged for only what you use and not the one for the entire package like in case of traditional hosting. You might be using 512mb ram, but your package is of 1GB and you are being charged by your hosting provider. Most hosting providers ask you to take more resoures than you actually require, that's mainly because of the fear that your website might just go down. What if you have to consider "eNlight Cloud" without the fear of your business going down.

    So Scale smart. Pay Smart. Host with eNlight Cloud!

    Click here to know more about eNlight Cloud Hosting by eUKHOST Ltd.

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    Re: Things you didn't know about eNlight Cloud Hosting Services

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