Add and Manage Disk in eNlight

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    Add and Manage Disk in eNlight

    This Document explains the steps involved for managing and adding additional disk space to existing VM on eNlight Cloud Platform.

    First, please log on to your Client Area at More information

    Go to “Manage eNlight” Section. Click image for larger version

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    Under the "Action" Menu for DC/Server under which the VM (you need to increase the disk space) is created, Click on "Manage". Click image for larger version

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    Click on “Manage Disk” Button located on top of VM list. Click image for larger version

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    A light box will open which will show the list of disks assigned to the VM’s (in this case no existing Disk is added). Go to “Create Disk” Tab
    NOTE: it doesn’t show the current disk on which Operating System is installed. Click image for larger version

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    Now, select the VM (from drop down list) for which you want to increase the disk space and mention the disk name and size you want to add. Then press “Create” Click image for larger version

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    You can also Delete any unwanted disks from here too.
    only @

    Re: Add and Manage Disk in eNlight

    I have a client on an enlight vm. They initially needed a lot of disk space and I added extra disks to take them up to 60gb. The client now only needs 40gb of disk space. I asked support whether I could just remove unwanted disks and was told that this was not possible as there could be data on the disks. I was advised to create another vm and move the client to that vm.
    I assumed that all resources were scalable - it doesn't seem very scalable if you have to create new vm's every time you want to downsize the disk space.

    Is there a way to do this without moving to another vm? My client is very unhappy that they are paying for disk space not used.


      Re: Add and Manage Disk in eNlight

      Hello Jane,

      Thanks for reaching out. You can certainly delete additional disks and downsize your VM however there could be restriction from OS.

      Example1, In addition to your root drive, if you have created one disk of 20GB and extended it internally after few days with another 30GB then the data is spread over both disks hence its not safe to delete any one. Correct way to reduce your disk bill in this case would be to create another disk with let's say 25GB and move data in it. Once data is moved & ensured then you can delete old 20GB+30GB disks and reduce the bill.

      Example2, If it was the root volume C: which was extended then OS may not allow to shrink or move data from it. Root volumes can not be extended from Portal and it is always recommended to create additional disks for data other than that of OS.

      Let us know your ticket id to further help you.

      - Rishi


        Re: Add and Manage Disk in eNlight

        Hi - I've just added a new disk to my eNlight VPS (thanks for the instructions)
        A question - can i determine what data gets put on the new disk and what stays on the old one? Seeing answer above suggests (in example 1) that moving data between disks is possible.

        David Allen -


          Re: Add and Manage Disk in eNlight

          Hello David,

          You can certainly decide which data should go on new disk and what should stay on older one. To achieve this, you would need to edit /etc/fstab or respective mount points. Once these mount points are defined, OS will load them accordingly on next boot.

          Example: You can add a new 20GB disk and remount your /home directory on it or You can have another 5GB disk and mount /var/log/ on it. Sometimes it helps to have a seperate disk for logs so that accidental growth logs does not kill db or other services