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Vmware Cloud vs cPanel Shared

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  • Vmware Cloud vs cPanel Shared

    I am (just) thinking to move from cPanel shared to vmware linux cloud.

    Ι am running now 5-10k pageviews/day. But I want to be ok for 100k pageviews/day plus an openx server for 300k banners/day.

    Because one of my sites, Home | Εύρεση Εργασίας | Get the Job Done (Job Site), is evolving rapidly.

    Right now I am doing just fine with the light speed reading server. But I would like the vm isolation.

    What do you think? Could an experienced member, or eUK employee, guess the absolute limit of a vmware linux cloud?

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    Hi There!

    As such there is no limit defined in terms of maximum page views a VMware Cloud Server or even a Dedicated Server can handle as this generally depends upon resources usage and the size of the websites. Since you are currently hosted on a cpanel shared hosting account which handles around 10k page views a day, VMware Linux Cloud should be ok for 100k page views/day.

    With scalability option available on Cloud Servers, you can upgrade resources like Processor, RAM, Space and Bandwidth anytime you need to.
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      Also, there are no additional charges for resource upgrades. You only need to pay the applicable charges for the additional resources and we will take care of the rest


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        Thank you very much!
        I am almost sure that my next hosting solution will be vmware cloud hosting.