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The importance of having private name servers

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  • The importance of having private name servers

    Many people choose to have their own private name servers mainly for an impressive appearance. An anonymous name server would not have a complete professional look for any website. Other than the look factor, when you switch from one server to another server, it would not be necessary for you to contact all the clients for requesting them to change to the new servers. Your clients will automatically begin propagating to the new server as soon as you update your name server IP addresses. Therefore having a private name server is extremely helpful if you outgrow your hosting account and need to upgrade to a higher and efficient hosting service.

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    Yes, absolutely right. Having private name servers helps you a lot. It gives a feel that you are running the hosting company. People can't see the web hosting company's name if you have your own private name servers. When reselling the hosting plans your clients gets a satisfaction that you are not a reseller but an independent hosting provider. Another good reason is that if you host multiple domain names, updating the IP address for the private name servers gets very easy. You just have to update the private name servers once and no need to update for all the multiple domains.


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      IMO. having a private name server can help in branding. Other than that I don't find any other advantage of having a private nameserver technically. If someone wishes to use their own name servers, they need to get it created from the domain registrar. If you wish to Change the DNS, please visit : Nameserver Change Official Video Tutorials offered by Eukhost.