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    A quick question "What need to be asked to a web hosting provider about Cloud VPS Hosting before opting for it ?". What features and aspects to be looked in the Cloud VPS Hosting ?

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    Before asking to the web hosting provider, you need to make a checklist, not to ask the web host but yourself. Its much more necessary to ask yourself what you expect from the hosting company and their plans.

    What do you wish to do with the cloud server account ?
    What things are you planning to host on the server ?
    What is the size of your website data ?
    What programming languages would you need for your website ?
    What kind of backup plans would you require for your securing your website data ?
    Is your website going to use SQL databases or any other ?
    If its a new site, how much traffic (bandwidth) do you expect in a month after launching your website ?

    You can create your own checklist, by performing a search through web hosting and webmasters forums. Once you are done with the checklist, you will know what to look in a hosting company and their plans.


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      I asked myself all these questions before going ahead with purchasing a cloud. My existing VPS had 512MB / 10GB which equated to a usable space of 250MB and 8GB.

      Purchasing a cloud with 1GB RAM and 20GB HD left me with a usable space of 250MB and 1GB ! I'm paying twice as much and am worse off! Actually I can't load my websites due to lack of space. and after a day of running my RAM was almost used up - before any of my web applications were loaded! I upgraded to 2GB but rather than keep adding resources and cost just to equal the facilities of a system that should be a 1/4 the size I'm giving up and asking for a refund.

      Did I ask how much memory I would get left with for me to use? Yes, I said I needed 10GB, they said a 20GB server was sufficient, and I've got the emailed chat with it on.


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        Basically, web hosting providers always suggest a bit more than the requirements you currently need. If your current requirement is 10GB, it is always better to have 15GB or 20 GB to ensure that in future even if your site grows the service will run properly.


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          Thats right, when looking for a hosting package you must opt for resources that are more than what your website would actually need. This acts as a buffer which can cope up with an unexpected increase in resource consumption on a given day.