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How secure is the 'cloud hosting' as compared to dedicated & VPS?

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  • How secure is the 'cloud hosting' as compared to dedicated & VPS?


    I had this question about security issues of the cloud hosting platform in comparison to hosting on the dedicated server or VPS. I mean in terms of a dedicated server, you get some amount of control over your hardware: you will know if your files have been accessed by somebody because in that case the server has to be stopped, the drives have to be taken off and then the server has to be restarted...

    in case of a cloud hosting system, isnít it very easy for the provider to copy your files easily? I think this would also be the case with VPS

    Can someone please share some information on this front?

    Are the VPS and cloud hosting platforms less secure in terms of data integrity?


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    Nope I don't think so. As far as you have a secure and complicated password for your VPS or Cloud it would not fall prey to data theft or similar activities. Further, you must make sure that the applications running on your server are updated with latest patches and upgraded on regular intervals.


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      Indeed, if your password is strong and difficult to guess, then your server is completely secured. Check out this article for Ensuring Server Password Security.


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        Managed to find a couple of informational articles about Cloud Hosting Security, take a look :
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