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Cloud server database issues - another poor show from EUKHost

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  • Cloud server database issues - another poor show from EUKHost

    I'm going to start posting here every time I have an issue with EUKHost because it happens way more often than it should. I presume the threads will be deleted but here we go anyway.

    Following some recent reliability issues I randomly checked on a site today which is hosted on a Linux Cloud VPS, only to find it down and displaying an error about being unable to connect to the local database. Having contacted tech support to address this issue, it would seem that some of the MySQL tables are crashed.

    There is a single, low-volume site on the server which uses CubeCart (off the shelf ecommerce software). I have another server with a different hosting provider on which we have nearly 50 CubeCart sites which never have this problem. To my knowledge, table crashes are not usually caused by software but by hardware, operating system or server software issues.

    The site also experienced around 3-4 hours of downtime on Monday last week which has yet to be properly explained as requested repeatedly. This too showed crashed database tables.

    I've had a variety of services from EUKHost over the years including a VPS and a shared Windows package, and to be honest the reliability of all the different packages tried has been poor in the context of the amount paid, but terrible in the context of any other hosting provider I've ever used - such issues shouldn't happen more than once per year if at all. I should probably learn that cheap is cheap and I'm never going to get a decent level of service from you guys. All I end up with is unhappy clients and no clue what went wrong.

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    Cloud server database issues - another poor show from EUKHost

    Hello Chris,

    I have opened a support ticket for this, you will get an update soon in the same ticket.
    System Administrator