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Cloud down once again!

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  • Cloud down once again!

    Well once again my 100% uptime guaranteed cloud server has been unaccessuble for a 2 hour period.... customers screaming .... support not acknowledging any problem... hmmmmmmmm time to look for a new provider maybe?

    Can anyone from Euk answer this?????

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    I just logged into your VM and checked a few of your domains. They appear to be working. I see you are on LiveChat, so I'm sure the support agent you are speaking to will soon give some kind of explanation for you not being able to access it.


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      Hi John,

      Thanks for the response. To be honest the cloud was unaccessible from around 14:30 for about 2hrs (according to monastic and unhappy customers). Since then it appears to be ok

      According to live support the server has been 'UP' for 163 days and therefore there hasn't been any issue..... if only that was the case! Just because the server has been 'up' doesn't mean it is accessible to the outside world and that is where my problem is.... support can't see a problem... they can't tell me why the domains were unaccessible.

      What am I suppose to tell my customers



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        Hello Tony,

        There are around a hundred VMs on that cluster. No other issues reported. I can't think of any scenario where a network problem would impact just 1 VM. Especially a VM which hadn't been rebooted.

        I don't know what to tell you myself. To help investigate further it would be useful to know if all services were down, or just httpd. Currently we have nothing to go on.


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          Just to add, ill also have a good rummage through your resource logs to see if I can see anything standing out there


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            Thanks john, to be honest I am unsure what was or wasn't running... I have been tied up in meetings all day so haven't been able to check.. I have had reports of problems with email and websites noy being accessible but didn't get chance to verify


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              I gues you haven't found anything then John.... the unexplained missing two hours!


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                Not at all. I saw your memory drop to 10% and your CPU drop to a similar level and then suddenly pick up again around 2 hours later. The trend didn't take place on the host and was just your VPS.

                No explanation at all from our side. Did you manage to find out if all services went down or just certain ones?