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DNS Issues unresolved week 3!

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    Hi Terence,

    As explained to you on chat as well; it seems that for some yet unexplainable reason the nameserver software running on your server is unable to read the configuration files. As you are in a hurry, the quickest, reliable solution was to switch over from BIND to NSD. All configuration files were changed properly by myself and other members of our staff and BIND should have advertised the right nameservers, but it did not.

    We can look into the BIND problems if you prefer BIND over NSD, but both to the job. There is not really a need to switch back. I have checked that the results from dig show up as you would expect now.

    From your own server:
    dig ns +short @localhost
    From an external server:
    dig ns @ +short
    As you can see, both nameservers are advertised as expected now. To be fair, we, including myself, should have checked that at the time the change was made before to find if the zones were changed properly on the outside world as well. I sincerely apologize for this. But again, BIND is not known for these kind of flaws and it is easily overlooked.