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    eNlight Cloud Hosting - What is it?

    eNlight is a cloud web hosting service that allows you to choose the resources that you require in your cloud web hosting environment, providing you with a web hosting solution that meets your needs and means that you don’t end up paying for what you don’t need and aren’t going to use. The hosting environment provided by eNlight is very similar to that provided by a VPS server, in the way that you are provided with your own resource allocations right down to the level of CPU power that you require to run your applications; the benefit of using a cloud-based environment for dedicated virtual hosting in this case is that your resources are pooled from several different servers as a cloud is based on a cluster, reducing the chances of issues that could be caused by a single point of failure as often occurs in single-server environments. eNlight provides customers with a much greater level of flexibility and expandability than is available with current cloud web hosting services and virtual hosting offerings as you are able to upgrade the specifications of your eNlight environment resources as you require; this makes eNlight an ideal option for small businesses that are unsure of how their websites are going to grow because it allows them to expand as and when necessary, saving them money which can be crucial to newly established organisations. eNlight is also an affordable option for medium sized businesses and larger corporations looking to consolidate their server configurations as there is no limit on the number of eNlight VMs that you can purchase, meaning that there is no limit on the number of dedicated servers that you can port over to using virtual machines in an eNlight hosting environment.

    What are the core features that differentiate eNlight from traditional cloud hosting services?

    Although cloud hosting services are now widely available in the web hosting industry, eNlight aims to take this concept one step further by providing customers with a number of different advantages that take cloud hosting to the next level, examples of which include:
    • Pay-as-you-go concept – the pay-as-you-go concept of eNlight guarantees that any eNlight service provides you with good value for money because you will only ever be paying for the base specification of your VMs along with any extra resources that you have purchased and because you have the power to choose the base specifications of your VMs and any additional resources, this pretty much ensures that you only pay for what you want which will save you money – if you were to choose a cloud hosting service from a competitor then the chances are that you would be stuck to choosing from a select few pre-defined plans meaning that you’re either going to end up with a hosting plan that is unable to fulfill your requirements or you are going to be paying for resources that you simply don’t require
    • Instant deployment – your VMs will be deployed the moment you have ordered and paid for them, meaning that you won’t have to waste time waiting for your web hosting account to be setup and configured – when migrating physical servers to a virtual environment you will be thankful for the low turn-around times with eNlight because it will keep the time it takes you to complete the migration of a single server to a minimum – you can choose from a number of pre-defined templates that will reduce your setup times further as this will mean that you won’t have to waste time installing the applications that you need because they will be included as part of your operating system template
    • Web-based control panel and management console – we will provide you with access to a web-based control panel and management console through which you can manage your eNlight cloud hosting services – you will be provided with an intuitive interface that will enable you to manage the state of your individual VMs as well as monitor the resource usage of individual machines so that it is easy for you to spot any performance issues that could potentially hamper your eNlight hosting environment – from the same control panel you can also order additional VMs for your hosting requirements and can purchase additional resources for your existing VMs as and when your needs dictate – the cloud hosting services offered by competitors are rarely as easy to manage as eNlight services, often providing you with access to your VMs over SSH only which can introduce a certain level of complexity to what are fairly basic management tasks.

    What are the benefits of migrating to eNlight from dedicated server hosting services?

    An eNlight cloud hosting solution will provide you with a cost-effective answer to dedicated server hosting by providing you with resources that are very similar, or in some cases better than, the physical resources that form the core of your dedicated server. Although eNlight provides you with a virtual hosting environment and a dedicated server provides you with your own physical server, there are many benefits to be had from this configuration including tighter security and greater expandability; it is important to note that this doesn’t mean that performance is going to be hindered in any way and in most cases is likely to exceed your expectations.

    If you are a business with a fairly extensive web presence that is powered by several dedicated servers then there are many cost savings to be had from choosing eNlight over your existing hosting configuration. By transferring each server to a virtual machine in the eNlight environment, you are able to reduce your management and running costs; you can expect to see benefits in terms of performance and uptime meaning that the effort in migrating over to eNlight will prove to have been worth it very quickly.

    If you are interested in a cost-effective cloud hosting solution that is crafted around your own individual needs, then eNlight is the scalable hosting platform designed for you. You may simply wish to purchase a low-resource VM to test with at the beginning, but don’t forget you can upgrade the resources of your environment whenever you want.

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