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Managed Cloud Server VS Unmanaged Cloud Server

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  • Managed Cloud Server VS Unmanaged Cloud Server

    What should I go for if i want to host my site on Cloud server. Could anyone please guide me with it. Do you provide managed and unmnaged cloud server hosting with eNlight : Cloud Hosting - Cloud Servers in UK by eUKhost. Please explain something about it. Thanks.....

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    Re: Managed Cloud Server VS Unmanaged Cloud Server

    Hi Hugh,

    Our eNlight Cloud hosting service is fully managed cloud hosting service. auto-scaling feature of eNlight Cloud and the modern control panel to manage the Virtual Machine makes our eNlight Cloud a completely unique offering. If you are hosting on a Linux server, then eNlight will give you more than 60% cost saving in comparison to a dedicated server hosting. there won't be any cost difference if you ask for unmanaged cloud VM, so considering the managed services with the cloud would be the ideal solution.

    We are offering free demo of our control panel online and 25 credit is being given free with eNlight right now. please let us know if would like to try eNlight and see if you enjoy hosting on eNlight Cloud.
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