10 future cloud server technology predictions for 2013

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    10 future cloud server technology predictions for 2013

    Technology Analyst and engineers have released 10 cloud predictions for 2013. Some affect the vision we have of it, other development or technology management.

    Near the end of this 2012 and as usual predictions begin to emerge, calculations, of how the market next year. In this case cloud computing has10 trends that could materialize in the coming months, although it should be noted that these are issued according to the U.S. space paths.

    1. We will stop to say everything going to the cloud, technology analyst believes that in 2013 will definitely be a high jump in the mentality. Sounding more informed because they speak out of what can really make cloud and what can not.

    2. The cloud and mobility will become one: The analyst firm is the following question: what good is a mobile application that sends requests over the Internet to a service? Most applications of SaaS (software as a service) have a mobile client. In this way the two technologies go hand in hand.

    3. We will stop agonize by SLA (service-slight agreement or service level agreement):The SLA are the conditions that a customer agrees to the relationship with your cloud provider. Sometimes these terms are criticized because of privileges granted to the company information. From technology analyst notes that in 2013 users will recognize that applications have to protect themselves.

    4. Being aware of the costs of the cloud: A cloud computing service is not always cheap. To optimize what we spend on this technology have to monitor our need for resources. The cost is a reason for moving to the cloud, but not alone and you can not always get a good performance by paying what we would like.

    5.The R & O (Infrastructure and Operations) shall leave to the development teamsevelopers no longer need the permission of the R & O to build cloud applications.

    6. We will use the cloud for backup and disaster recovery: Instead of hiring the services of a third party in the event of loss of information will appeal to the cloud to prevent this from happening. There are pay per use models that can store data for long periods of time and only pay the agreed amount in a disaster situation.

    We will stop identifying with the comfort cloud: Cloud services are highly standardized and automated mut, but this does not mean comfort.

    8. Recognize the power of advanced virtualization: A dynamic environment virtualized and private cloud have room in the data center as well.

    9.Developers will appreciate working with the cloud development teams finally will realize that developing for the cloud is no different. According to a survey by technology analyst most languages, frameworks and development methodologies used in the company can be used for a cloud environment.

    10. Cloud has different platforms from which one can choose cloud servers according to his needs and requirements.

    Re: 10 future cloud server technology predictions for 2013

    To add further :-

    People have now started differentiating between various cloud flavors available in the market. 2013 is expected to be a very successful year for the cloud hosting providers. it took some time for the Enterprise customers and MSME's to understand what cloud technology would suit their requirements, but now i can see many of these Enterprise / MSME's moving on Cloud Hosting model.

    Americans were the first to put their faith in Amazon cloud, but now most of the online community knows what they want and they have their cloud strategy planned accordingly.

    Cloud Hosting is also being preferred for Disaster Recovery hosting by large Enterprise customers having their in-house datacenters. Analysts now advice their customers to consider public or private cloud hosting for DR hosting.

    Our Cloud hosting business has picked up pretty well in last few months, lets hope for much better growth in the year 2013.
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      Re: the classi

      In my opinion, in the future mobile cloud computing is going to take a prominent place. As the number of smart phone users and tablet users increase, more and more people are going to aim at setting up a mobile website. Cloud computing will work as an alleviated platform through which the business owners will be able to reach a wide range of people for creating a strong online identity and manage the business functions efficiently.