Experience with Cloud Hosting?

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    Experience with Cloud Hosting?

    Has anyone tried using Cloud Server Hosting for their websites?

    If yes, then what is your experience with cloud hosting? Did you find it better than the usual shared web hosting?

    Please share your opinion.

    Re: Experience with Cloud Hosting?

    The cloud hosting platform is extremely beneficial if you are looking for a trustworthy and salable hosting platform. It is a strong web hosting platform that also supports web based applications. The best thing about a cloud server is that it is based on a cluster of servers. Therefore, one server is always available to balance the load. This reduces the possibilities of having a downtime to the website.

    The cloud hosting platform is extremely beneficial to the businesses that carry out a wide range of online transactions and have to maintain a lot of customer data. It is also a great hosting solution for the small and medium businesses that are planning business expansion in the future.


      Cloud hosting has grown in popularity over the last several years. It’s what happens when computer applications are run from an external location rather than on a personal computer.

      With cloud hosting, you are not limited by the space of a physical computer. Cloud hosting allows multiple clouds (or virtual machines) to be connected. Cloud computing means that the work can be done in several places at once.

      Cloud hosting is only limited by what you want to pay for. Most hosting companies will allow your business to increase or decrease the bandwidth used to suit your needs. Pay only for what you use and nothing more.