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Amazon, OpenStack Or eNlight Cloud Computing

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  • Amazon, OpenStack Or eNlight Cloud Computing

    Hi Guys!

    Our forum has been a common discussion platform for different virtualization platforms from multiple hosting providers. I have created this thread to understand what are the recent developments of AWS, OpenStack and eNlight cloud as cloud platforms to benefit customers and their presence in the market.

    Also, please share your experiences as well if you have been hosted on any of the above cloud platforms.

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    Re: Amazon, OpenStack Or eNlight Cloud Computing

    Cloud is only set to get even bigger and become an even more important market not only for providers but for businesses too. CloudFlare and eNlight Cloud are two things that spring to mind for me when I think of Cloud platforms or services. It's amazing the technologies that exist today.
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      Re: Amazon, OpenStack Or eNlight Cloud Computing

      More to the technology, the hardening of the platform is very important to avoid any failures or downtime.

      Cloud servers are a revolution in the hosting industry and soon progressing towards a complex form of computing.


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        Re: Amazon, OpenStack Or eNlight Cloud Computing

        Hi Suhaib

        I've been using AWS server and working absolutely great for me! although they are very expensive as compare to any cloud hosting providers but when speed and optimized hosting matters then money does't count.

        Recently I've switched my 2 friends to AWS Cloud Hosting from Cloudways hosting they were using shared hosting plan of WP Engine. As far as i know they are very happy with the speed and easy one click optimization on Cloudways hosting, My personal opinion you can either go with AWS hosting directly and manage everything on your own from the scratch or you can go with Manage Cloud hosting providers like Cloud ways.


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          Re: Amazon, OpenStack Or eNlight Cloud Computing

          It is true that cloud computing has evolved from being a mere buzzword to widespread adoption. Web hosting practices are more and more shifting to cloud hosting because of the significant benefits it offers. eNlight cloud is a great platform having the patented vertical autoscaling technology enabling you to pay only for what you use. eNlight scales up resources as per your needs and even scales down when you don't need. Downtime is avoided as resources are increased and decreased on the fly giving companies maximum benefits to their users.