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Mail Problem - Maildir error (no 'cur' directory)

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  • Mail Problem - Maildir error (no 'cur' directory)

    I've sorted them problem now but am more wondering if anyone has come across this before and what alternative solutions may be and also what causes it?

    First I noticed that Thunderbird wasn't getting any mail for one of the domains on my server, then when I click to manually check it gave the error message Maildir error/invalid no 'cur' directory.

    As it turned out, there wasn't really any of the proper mail directories there. Now I know I've not deleted them accidentally or intentionally but was just wondering if this had happened to anybody else? And none destructive ways of recovering the accounts?

    I've been reading on other forums that its normally down to the user deleting the folders/files by accident (which I haven't done) or cPanel updates. I can't imagine someone hacking in just to delete two very rarely used e-mail accounts, so its got me confused. Because if it was cPanel updates why wouldn't it happen to all my domains on the server?

    Thanks in advance for all your help and advice .
    David Smith
    Managing Director
    DPS Computing Limited

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